Frequently Asked Questions

Tk20 is the Assessment System used by the College of Education to track student admission, key assessments, monitor students’ progress through their program, and verify licensure eligibility.  Students may use the system in combination with Canvas for online coursework.  All teacher education students use Tk20 during field experiences to document, reflect, and collaborate with cooperating teachers and supervisors.


Students are given temporary accounts according to their assigned cohort.  In order to become part of an application cohort all students must complete an application form, get it signed by an advisor, and return it to the Education Support Center.  Once the temporary account is expired students are required to purchase an account.


All faculty who teach education courses are given a Tk20 account.  If you have problems logging in please contact


If you are a cooperating teacher or supervisor please refer to your student teaching packet sent from the Education Support Center for login directions.  If you can not login please contact

If you are a cooperating teacher and have logged in and setup your password recovery email and question, you can use the self-help password reset page.  Cooperating teachers can also request a password reset by emailing

If you are JMU faculty, staff, or supervisor for student teaching you will need to reset your JMU eID and password by going to the MyMadison password reset page.

Send an email to or visit the Education Support Center and someone will be happy to help you.

The login process for Tk20 has changed to allow for DUO 2-factor authentication for all students, faculty, and staff.  When you click on the login button you’ll be taken to an authentication page which will ask for your JMU username and password.  You’ll then have to confirm the login using your mobile phone, tablet, or U2F token.  For more information on 2-factor authentication see the JMU computing page.

Cooperating teachers will continue to use the old method of logging in to Tk20 which does not use DUO.

If you get an OOPs error when trying to log in, then your account has either not been created in Tk20 or your account is not active.  The Friday after you bring a signed application form to the Education Support Center your account will be created in Tk20.  The date you apply will determine the date your temporary Tk20 account will be activated.

If your temporary account has expired you will need to purchase a subscription in order to login.  If you have any questions concerning the status of your Tk20 account please email

You can find a list of application steps and other useful information by going to and clicking on “Steps to Apply”

If you have a FAQ or an idea you want to share concerning Tk20, email  We’d love to hear from you!

If you are a cooperating teacher and are getting an error message that your password does not meet the password policy requirements, go to

If the password validator tool indicates that your password meets the requirements and you’re still getting an error please email